NDI Businesspartners

New Day Impact Businesspartners

For many years New Day Impact is surrounded by highly involved business supporters, who have great sense of social responsibility. These businessfriends are joining our events or support in other ways. In addition, we are happy to introduce twelve New Day Impact Businesspartners.

To New Day Impact these businesses are more than just friends: they are our partners in development aid! NDI Businesspartners support the projects of New Day Impact considerably. Beside that, they are important discussion partners and they give practical help: expertise, services and facilities. The strong brands of our businesspartners support the reliability of NDI. Vice versa New Day Impact helps with social awareness at businesses and the businesses get name recognition via NDI. We invite our businesspartners as VIPS at our yearly events and we organize extra network activities. In may 2017 an enthusiastic group came together for the first time. We are thankful for this unique team!

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