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Renovating houses has been a recurring theme for New Day Impact. We have found that a house is essential for (re)building your life. We believe that this is an important step out of poverty, helps improve standard of living and gain perspective of a better future.

In the past few years a lot of families have received support to improve their houses in order to create liveable conditions. They now have safe housing and can study without having to fear risk of collapse, leakage or fire due to short circuit. The coordination of the support always takes place in close consultation with local partners

These projects were realized in 2019:

Lushnjë and environs (Albania)

After consultation with Pastor Sajmir Brazhdi eight families were helped to renovate their houses. Among other things it concerned new roofing, tiles inside the houses, annex toilet blocks, coverings of outdoor kitchens, relocating cisterns for running water and new power points. We also contributed to building a kitchen in the Mozaik Church.

Bitaj and Dreng (Albania)

Pastor Berti Dosti and Alma made it possible for us to support four families. One dwelling was finished (the foundation had already been laid), 16 window frames and doors we replaced, ceilings and electricity repaired and floors tiled.

Korçe and environs (Albania)

Through Ilia Dishnica (director of Dorcas Albania) in the villages of Verlen, Sovjan, Maliq and Qatrom (all of them in the surroundings of Korce, Albania) four houses we completely renovated. Walls were taken down and rebuilt, water and electricity installed, bathrooms built, roofs and ceilings replaced and floors tiled.

Tirana (Albania)

Through Evis Stafa (director of the New Day Care Centre in Bathore, Tirana) a plot was bought for the Ukdashi family (Edi, Rodina and their five children). A completely new house was built there and furnished. The road leading to the house was also renewed, making the adjoining easily accessible as wel. Moreover, the family are now accepted in their new residential environment.

Darshen (Albania)

Through Pastor Mandi’s contacts the roof of a family house was replaced.

Gjakove (Kosovo)

Through Pastor Jeton two houses in Klina and Voljak were completely renovated: everything from the sewage systems and cisterns to the bathrooms, kitchens, floors and ceilings. The roofs were also renewed.

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