New Day Carecentre: Qendra Dita e Re

Nearly ten years ago, we first came in contact with the amazing work of Global Care Albania in Bathore, a poor neighbourhood in the capital city of Tirana.

The neighbourhood Bathore was created by the migrants who travelled from North-Albania to Tirana in the hope of finding a job. They claimed a piece of land just outside of the city and built themselves a simple hut made from wood and plastic. Nowadays, approximately 100,000 people call Bathore their home. Unfortunately, a lot of these people still live in poor conditions, lacking all sorts of basic needs. Moreover, physical, mental and sexual abuse are very common in most families. Evis Stafa, director of Global Care Albania confirms this. She is responsible for all activities of Global Care Albania in the Qendra Dita e Re. This is a community centre in the middle of Bathore where women, youngsters and children come together. On November 1st, 2013 the community was opened by New Day Impact. Since then weekly activities are organised, ranging from youth clubs to mentoring-programs for women and children. Next to this, summer camps are organised every single summer day. Approximately 100 children come to the Qendra Dita e Re (centre of the new day) to join in a day program filled with stories, songs, arts and crafts and games.

For many Bathore residents the community centre is a safe place where there is always room for a conversation, a cup of coffee and help with day-to-day needs. New Day Impact continues to invest in th

is work, our New Day Mission volunteers love to come back to Bathore to help out with all the activities. Through the years, Evis and her team have become close friends. Together we share our passion for people and religion.