Goatfarm Peje Kosovo

In Peje, Kosovo, we work together with Pastor Gani and his team, including the Dutch couple Rik and Machteld Lubbers. For the first time in January 2015, we brainstormed about the possibilities to set up a goat farm, the proceeds of which would be intended for families in need in Peje. Meanwhile, the large goat stable has been completed and the first 70 goats run merrily around! Currently we are working on investments for milking machines, cooling units, and other materials.

On the farm will be at least one job: very valuable in a city where 70% of the population is unemployed. In addition, there will be income from milk and cheese production. Goat’s milk delivers more than cow’s milk. A part of the milk and the young goats are given away to families in need. Also a large part of the proceeds will be donated to the care for the poor. The Government in Peje supports keeping goats in the context of development: the owner receives about €10 per month for each goat. A solid helping hand for this project!

At this project New Day Impact cooperates with the Jachtlaan Kerk in Apeldoorn that raises money and thinks along on the implementation. Also the “NDI Goatrunners” have  contributed largely. During the Midwinter marathon in Apeldoorn they ran to finance the large herd.

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Voor dit project is €50.000 nodig. Doneer nu uw bijdrage en help mee aan een betere toekomst voor de mensen in Kosovo.

€ 20340 € 50000


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