The village of Bitaj is situated at about an hour’s drive from the Albanian capital of Tirana. It is an agricultural community of about 35 families, which are for the greater part relatives.

It was in 2009 when we first came to Bitaj with a group of youngsters to paint the new house of Mrs Feride, a widow. The building of this house had been funded by New Day Impact and the Evangelical Berea Church in Apeldoorn. The young people painted the house during their Berea Youth ministry outreach. This was the start of a close cooperation between New Day Impact and the partners of the Rruga e Paqes church in the nearby town of Lushnje. Pastor Berti Dosti and pastoral worker Alma Syla initiated several projects in Bitaj to improve the living conditions of the poor rural population. Several families were given new houses, in 2010 we built a new primary school, a cattle project was set up, and the final acceptance of the new community centre and church took place in 2016. Church worker Alma Syla drives to Bitaj several times a week to work among children and youngster, a ladies’ bible study group and English class. New Day Impact groups often support activities for children and women during their travels. Over the years all sorts of relationships have arisen and the people in Bitaj are always happy to meet another “nje grup Holandeze” ????

Are you thinking of supporting a family in Bitaj with a cow or goat? Send an e-mail to and we will get in touch with you!