New Day Impact is an organization for developmental aid, working from a Christian identity. New Day Impact develops structurally and sustainably in the area of care, welfare and education.

For our local partners we strive to achieve independence and being self sufficient. The initiative lies with the people themselves: local organizations submit a question or project to us. New Day Impact wants them to use and develop as much as possible their own talents and resources when carrying out projects.

New Day Impact also moves people to search for their own possibilities to take action against the need in the world. New Day Impact supports travel initiatives that aim to use their own talents for humanitarian aid, for instance in construction, health care or welfare work. Being personally involved has a lot of impact. It changes the outlook on one’s own life situation and provides insight into what poverty actually means. It challenges us to continue working on fighting injustice.

Core values

Our core values are compassion with people in need, reliability of our organization, enthusiasm and taking action. We also attach great importance to a feeling of ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. New Day Impact is not a cumbersome organization but a translation of our Biblical commission (Matt.25).


The vision, mission and core values translate into objectives:

  • We want to counteract poverty and injustice from a biblical mission to serve God and our neighbor.
  • Our aim is to financially support, guide and evaluate projects of local partner organizations in a developing country in the field of care, welfare or education.
  • In the Netherlands we want to be known at a regional level as a well balanced, reliable and decisive organization in the field of development work.
  • We want to challenge and invite others to join us by supporting us in cash, in kind or in time. We want to challenge people to use their own talents to serve their neighbors.