Anna: Thanks boys!


I opened my exam folder on Proeve C: Coordinate a project. Coordinating projects I see happening here every week, but I had never done it myself. The New Day Dinner Tour idea came about quickly, but how did we complete this? There were many tasks and rules from school, nothing for me, but I had to stick to it … well … With my head I was already at the end result, while the research and assignments still had to be made, fortunately this is typical New Day Impact.

Political developments in the field of immigration have intrigued me for a long time. After my research into the politics for this Proeve this was only confirmed: I wanted to process this in the New Day Dinner Tour. Soon followed the theme “Grenzeloos Lekker” and we came up with all kinds of ideas. Foreign chefs, different cultures, Albania ….

Nice all those plans, but for the implementation I of course needed volunteers. After one message on facebook, I was surprised by the number of volunteers who wanted to open the kitchen for this project. The enthusiasm of these people was so beautiful! This allowed me to quickly continue working on the locations for the starter and dessert, locations that would surprise the guests.

This was successful … The best tent in Apeldoorn called Schenkers wanted to open up to the appetizer. The location for the dessert soon followed, a beautiful Lodge in Berg & Bos from the Hakkers family. The enthusiasm for NDI also stands out among these people.

The chances of success were increasing, especially when we heard from the AZC in Zutphen that an enthusiastic cook called Yamen was ready to cook a Syrian main course at one of the locations, so cool! We also heard of the ROC in Apeldoorn after my presentation about the New Day Dinner Tour, that two girls wanted to help during the starter! One of the girls comes from Ethiopia and the other from Afghanistan, the Dinner Tour became really Limitless!

Now we had everything together, except the guests. They were desperately needed to make this project a success, with the aim to introduce new people to New Day Impact. I hoped that people would be touched by the words and love that the volunteers would share. Shamelessly advertise! Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, everything was followed to recruit enough people. Eventually a wonderful number of 30 people signed up!

Suddenly it was then, 20 May. In my mind I had really prepared and taken everything, but despite that the doubt was still very present. When I arrived, all the volunteers were already there, all on time, which I could already finish. I gave everyone a task and we prepared everything for the start. The first guests came in early, from this moment everything started, it went well. Then I really started to enjoy, all of a sudden I knew what I was doing, I realized what happiness I have with this internship and this opportunity …

The guests cycled from one address to another address, all enthusiastic about the locations and the food. At the dessert all the guests shared their stories about the locations and the foundation with each other while enjoying an Albanian dessert. As a big closing act Marianne gave a beautiful presentation and we ended with an Albanian dance!

My goal has been achieved, several people have been touched after the stories about the foundation and about the work we do. People want to travel, became regular donors and together they have provided a wonderful sum of € 740 euros for the new Rivershore project in Tirana. Thank you for this opportunity dear volunteers, guests and New Day Impact itself. We have put together something beautiful and we all contributed a bit. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and sweet words, until next year?