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May 7, 2020 12:40 pm

Busier than ever

Our friends in Albania and Kosovo have never been busier. In Albania one is not allowed to be outside more than one hour and this time is used to hand out the packages to the families. In many cases special permission must be applied for from the municipality and the police. Apart from that they get in touch a lot with people by phone and online. It is very hard for them not to be able to meet, even more than in western Europe. A-lot of families had already been experiencing poverty stress, the pandemic is causing even more stress. This practical relief action offers them some hope. In doing so, our partners make God’s love visible by providing to people, regardlessof their backgrounds.

Front news

Pastor Jeton is reporting:
“A family from Deçan called and asked for a bag of flour. This is a very poor family, living in a small town 30 minutes from Gjakova. When I arrived there, the father, with tears in his eyes, said he was so grateful for the 25kg bag I had sent. He added: ‘We have been eating potatoes for a week now.’ I understood they had not had flour or any other food apart from potatoes for a whole week. This really broke my heart!”


Would you like to help?

€ 20,- will provide a week’s food for a whole family. Our partners will see to distribution where most needed.

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