Research Journey Jonne and Jaco

December 5, 2018 3:22 pm

Last november, we travelled to Tirana for the researchproject of Jonne. This research has the purpose to discover the right ways for the New Day Care Center to be more self-sustainable in the future. We had the purpose in Tirana to talk to different Albanian people to discover the Albanian culture and think together about possible solutions.

Therefor, we visited and spoke with Evis, the director of the New Day Care Center. We also spoke with her husband, Sokol. He could tell us more about the business life in Albania and how we can use that as an advantage for the support of the Care Center. We got some great ideas from the talks and it became clear that Evis and Sokol think a lot together about how they can raise funds and how they can be more self-sustainable. But the most impressive was the passion that Evis showed for the center. It gives much faith for the future of the center!

We also visited two other Albanian organizations, ADRA Albania and SHKEJ, so we could learn about how they make their projects sustainable on the longterm. We spoke with ADRA and they told us how they are trying to combine the education of their people in their projects with raising funds. SHKEJ is an organization on the other side of the river where our Rivershore project takes place. We saw how their projects are based on intensive research. After the appointment the director of SHKEJ went to our New Day Carecenter. We hope that this appointment will be useful in the future.

We also used this journey to do house visits at different families who are sponsored by our family care project. We saw and heard how the sponsorships are spent by the families and how the families are doing. We also brought some sweaters, made in Holland, to give it to the youngest Roma kids in our Rivershore project.

It was a trip where we met much new people, where we heard stories and where we got new insights!