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New Day Impact is totally dependent on people who support our work by giving. Our (IBAN) bank account is: NL68RABO0155658514 by Stichting New Day Impact Apeldoorn.

NEW: New Day Impact Shop!

While ordering you products online it is possible to make a free donation to New Day Impact. Just visit first and start shopping all your favourite products. There are no costs concerned, but New Day Impact is benefiting from the commission we will receive for your visit to .

Join a New Day Mission

Every spring and fall a group of volunteers goes on a mission. For a whole week we will be working on local projects from New Day Impact and our partner organizations on site. At the moment this only takes place in Albania and Kosovo. These short mission trips often have a great impact on the people joining. Great impressions and the start of new friendships as result.

Volunteering in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands volunteering people are necessary for all kinds of work. Think of small administration work, or helping out on our events and such. Feel free to ask for more information or how to join us on:

Taxes, donations or gifts in Wills

NDI is a so called “ANBI” (Public Benefit Organization). In that way we don’t owe gift taxes from received donations.
This also applies on donations we receive out of inheritances. All of this means that the before tax money we receive can be used as after tax money without being charged extra. As a private donor you benefit from the fact that the given amount is partly tax-deductible.

Donations to ANBI foundations are tax- deductible. And under certain conditions even for the fully 100%! This only applies for people who support us by giving a recurring donation. And when this is done for a minimum of five years straight with the same amount of money.

As of January 1st 2014 new conditions apply to ANBI’s. We don’t need the approval from the notary anymore.
The amount of money donated is not significant. The donation is fully tax deductible, provided that there has to be a signed agreement. Apply for this via

Recurring gifts requirements

  • The donation is recorded in a written agreement.
  • When in accordance with this agreement you regularly (once a year minimum) donate an amount towards NDI that corresponds your agreement.
  • This requires an equal amount of money given.
  • The given amounts are donated for a minimum of five years straight, and only towards New Day Impact in Apeldoorn.

For one time donations you don’t need a notarial deed.
A notary, tax specialist or accountant can give you more information about tax-deducible donations. Read more on the subject on the following website.

Handing in empty cartridges

You can help us out by handing in empty ink cartridges at our office, or ask one of our volunteers. Our address is: Tweelingenlaan 44 in Apeldoorn. New Day Impact receives between the € 0,75 and € 4,- a piece via Recycleclub.

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