Traveling with New Day Impact!

New Day Impact supports travel initiatives with the purpose of using own gifts and talents, aiming on humanitarian help, for example with building, give healthcare or welfare work. Being concerned at the projects has a big impact. It changes the view on the own life situation and gives sight on what poverty actually means. It challenges to keep working on fighting injustice.

New Day Impact organizes mission journeys to our projects and partners, where the participants really get to work. We are focussing on the talents and interests of the travellers.

Many participants are enjoying the work with the children: dances, games, drama and creativity. Others would rather be more practical and they are helping with building projects. There are many opportunities inside the projects to work on!

There is also an opportunity to join the New Day Businesswise journey. Entrepreneurs go on a five day trip and they are visiting the projects to hear stories and to use the expertise. Those Businesswise journeys take place twice a year as well.

New Day Spring Mission

April 27 – may 4

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